Do you need to store or deliver fuel?

Nordic Fuel Systems offers complete solutions in oil and fuel technology. From engineering, design, construction, installation and maintenance. Our products are carefully selected and adapted to our Nordic climate. With many years of experience, we bring knowledge, security and reliability to our customers.


Nordic Compact is a fully-fledged unmanned fuel system where we tailor the solution that suits you and your needs. We can offer sizes from 10-100m3 with all fuel qualities, optional color and with your company logo if desired.

Our range includes both buried and above-ground stations.

Our range of underground and aboveground storage tanks are customizable to your every needs. We specialize on easy to install solutions that saves time on build site. Each underground tank is made according to the installation side.

Securing your future investment by choosing products and service that reduces lifetime costs. We offer a range of products for under and aboveground installations subjected to Nordic climate

If you are seeking Flexibility in a Modern Design, then our dispenser series provides the ideal choice. We are the proud scandinavian supplier of Neotech pumps made by the established quality brand Spyrides. The dispensers are fully customizable and offers a wide range of configurations, so that all needs of the most demanding customers can be fulfilled.