Consulting services

We take care of risk and assessments for you.

Our employees have the necessary experience and competence required to perform a risk analysis in accordance with NS5814, NS3901.

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New or established facilities, we perform environmental risk assessment for you!

Nordic Fuel Systems performs environmental risk assessments in connection with the new establishment of a tank or fuel plant. We can also offer environmental risk assessment at established facilities. Environmental risk assessments must be audited annually.

Environmental risk assessments shall be carried out on all tanks over 10m3 after a change in the “tank regulations.”


An environmental risk assessment is an important decision support in the establishment and operation of fuel plants. A high environmental risk combined with emissions can have fatal consequences for both the environment and the company’s finances.

We want to provide our customers with adequate guidance and thus contribute to sound and profitable operations.

We make sure that the project is carried out.

Many have experienced projects that unfortunately did not go exactly as planned, with consequent extra expenses and often a poor end result.

We at Nordic Fuel Systems have good and solid experience with multidisciplinary projects from the fuel technology industry. We also have theoretical education in the subject project management. By leaving the project management to us, you can be sure that we look after their interests.

We know how to deliver fuel systems!

Few municipalities and responsible applicants today have knowledge of how to submit an application for the establishment of a fuel system. The few responsible applicants and construction companies are also not aware of which documents should be produced and follow in such a process.

Nordic Fuel Systems can assist you as a customer, or your responsible applicant in the process. We can and if desired be responsible for the entire application process.

We have experienced construction managers

In Nordic Fuel Systems, we have construction managers with several years of practical experience with the establishment of fuel systems, as well as theoretical project experience.

Control over quality, expenses and progress in construction projects is a prerequisite for a successful result.

This requires good systems and close follow-up. Proper construction management is a prerequisite for success with the entire project – Nordic Fuel Systems is happy to help you with this.

We help you with the operation of the entire project.

We at Nordic Fuel Systems have the necessary approvals and expertise for designing fuel systems. This means that you as a customer can be confident that the process takes place in accordance with current regulations, and that the installation complies with the requirements set by the authorities and European requirements. At Nordic Fuel Systems, we work continuously with our own expertise.


Any building and construction work must be carefully planned. Before the work can be started, the execution must be described, drawings must be made and calculations of strength / statics must be made so that the result is safe and within current laws and regulations. We call the work of describing, drawing and calculating the work engineering.


According to current rules, the contractor must not perform any work without it first being possible to document that the work has been planned. At Nordic Fuel Systems, we put a lot of time and energy into the design phase to secure all parts of the project.


With good knowledge of regulations, installations, technical requirements and industry standards, we at Nordic Fuel Systems know your operations and adapt systems to their needs. Our experience and knowledge will benefit you as a customer.